Senior Adults (60’s+)

Sr Adults Connections Class

The best thing about our class is the people. Our class meets weekly, now online, and resumes in person classes in October. Our class is very friendly. We share our prayer concerns, sing a few hymns, and discuss our lesson from God’s Word. The relationships we develop bless our lives and we seek to glorify God. God has given us opportunities to minister in the community showing His love.


Work In Progess (50’s-60’s)

The WIP class is open to adults of all ages for the expository study of God s word. We are a friendly group of middle to senior adults who take Bible Study and fellowship very seriously. However, we do not take ourselves seriously, so laughter and corny jokes are a vital part of our lives and class. Food is always present at every class meeting along with good natured kidding. We are always looking for new friends to join us. Bring your Bible, your appetite, and your sense of humor and join us.

Ironman (Men, all ages)

We are the men’s connection class at Summit. We are dedicated to a deeper understanding of scripture. We go through the Bible verse by verse a book at a time and learn as much as we can for the edification and instruction of each other. All our understanding will be filtered through a Biblical lens. We have great discussions and aspire to bring real understanding to the Word of God. Our goal is to build each other up in the name of Christ and for his service.

JOY Class (Ladies, All Ages)

The ladies “Joy” class is about Jesus and studying His teachings and applying them into our own lives. We pray for others in our class as well as any prayer requests that they may have. The “Y” represents “yourself’ where we ask for God’s guidance in the decisions we make and our personal needs.

We study the Bible in the “Explore the Bible” series and thus we study both the Old and New Testament. The focus is on application – How do we take these Scriptures and apply them to our everyday lives, and what are the lessons we learned from these Scriptures?

Thank you for allowing me to share the Joy class with you.


Due to Covid-19 this class will resume at a later date.  Date to be determined.

Isthmian Observers (Choir, All Ages)

If you enjoy being around people of all ages, great fellowship, in-depth verse by verse studying of God’s Word, the Isthmian Observers class is just for you. Members of all ages engage in lively conversational study with practical life application. The class name is derived from the Ancient Isthmian games which were held the year before and after the Olympic Games to increase regular opportunities to engage in athletic competition. With a similar commitment, the class is committed to regular opportunities of discipleship, gathering together and serving. Recent studies include the study of Revelation, James, and Galatians.

Family Matters (20’s-40’s)

Family Matters Class – Johnny & Ann Murphine
All aboard the Hot Mess Express! 20-somethings and up, married or not, children or not…you’re welcome to join us for this wild ride as we do life together. We’re led by the Spirit, instructed by the Word, and encouraged by each other. We’re not perfect, but we’re authentic, growing Christ-followers, always ready to add another to our group!

Faith Seekers (40’s)

Description not available

Explorers (60’s-70’s)

The EXPLORERS class is a gregarious group of younger and median senior adults who meet weekly to study God’s Word. We study the Bible guided by a Southern Baptist quarterly, usually studying one book of the Bible during a thirteen week period. We use the word gregarious to identify the social and friendly atmosphere of our class on Sunday morning and in activities during the week. The class is made up of senior adult couples and senior adult singles who relate very well together both in the classroom and in outside activities. Newcomers are welcome and encouraged to attend and join the class. We meet in the M Building, in room M117. For more information or to have your questions answered call Bill Earnest at 678-402-1077 or email:

Be Transformed (40’s-50’s)

Be Transformed! That is what scripture teaches we are to be as followers of Christ and that is what we seek to be in the Be Transformed Connections Class. Through a wide variety of 6-8 week topical studies, we dig into God’s Word to learn together and to grow together. We are a group of singles and couples in our 40’s – 50’s typically with older and grown children. We desire to see people connect to Jesus and to connect with others through this class.
Glenn Williams

Pathfinders (40’s)

“Show me your ways, Lord, teach me your paths.”

Psalm 25:4

The Pathfinders seek to learn from God’s word and from each other as we explore what it means to follow Christ. Recent studies have included books of the Bible like Jonah and Psalms, walks through history with the Ten Commandments and the Apostles’ Creed, and current topics such as “Pursuing God in Isolation” and “The Gospel and Racial Reconciliation.” We’re a friendly and inviting group seeking joy for the journey.

Senior Adult Gathering Bible Study

S.A.G. – Senior Adult Group Monday morning Bible Study

Every Monday Morning a group of Senior adults meet for fellowship, prayer, and Life applicable Bible Study.  After Bible study those who want to, go to lunch together at local restaurants.  We meet at 10:00 am on Monday mornings in room C102/103.  We are a crazy group that likes to have fun and be with one another.  We also love it when new people join our group.  Throughout the year we will study a wide range of topics from God’s word.  We also have opportunities for day trips and extended trips for those who like to travel.  If you are looking for a group of people who will love you and do life together join us this next Monday for Bible study.  If you would like more information about this group call Lee Gambrell, our teacher, at 770-975-4595.

Men’s Bible Study

The Monday night Men’s Bible Study is for men of all ages. We gather for fellowship at 6:45 then start class at 7:00 which ends at 7:45. We then spend 15 minutes in prayer. Currently, we are studying the book of Acts.

We are currently on hold and will resume soon.

Hope to see you soon.