We love kids here at Summit, and because of that, we take precautions to make certain our kids stay safe. We have a big policy manual at each check-in area of our facility if you want the details and need some new restroom reading material – but here are things you might want to know now as our guest:
1) Kids are checked in at the kiosk and assigned a special number. Parents get a tag with that number for pick up. No one else can pick up the kiddos!
2) Please put your phone on “buzz”. We will text you if your child needs something we can’t handle.
3) We have leaders that really enjoy sharing Jesus and the Bible with kids. All workers have a background check, and we make sure that they always have “back-up”. We have two big people in each room, and our ministry assistants check on them too!
4) In all preschool rooms, (and most kids rooms!), we have restrooms attached. We always have an adult over 18 (think a mama kind of person), change diapers or help with anything potty related.
5) You can peek in the windows or doors to check if you need to. We don’t let kids cry & be sad. If they have not settled after 3 min., we contact you. The more times you come, the easier it is for the children because they soon learn you ALWAYS come back & THEY have a blast!
6) We are a peanut free kid’s ministry. Babies & toddlers bring their own snack. Preschool kids get water & goldfish (cheerios if gluten free).
7) We have a wellness policy in place. It is spelled out, but basically- sick kids need your care at home. If symptoms happen while you’re with us, we will contact you to get them. We sanitize all toys, tables, etc., each time a room is used.
8) Starting with Toddler/Two’s kids begin to have a lesson with a Bible story & activities. If you spend 2 program times with us, the material is just a little different for even MORE fun!

If you have more question, just ask. We get it. Most of us have kids too! Feel free to contact me, or any member of the Summit Kids staff.; (770) 975-4595

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