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Please submit your lyrics using this form. You can copy and paste into the form below or you can attached a PDF (.pdf), Word (.doc, .docx), or Text (.txt) file by selecting the “Choose File” button. Lyrics text should be in a plain text format, eg. no formatting, if submitting a file, Text (.txt) is preferred. Please lay out the lyrics exactly as you want them to be displayed in the order to be displayed. If a verse or chorus repeats then repeat the text in the lyrics you submit even if it seems repetitive.

Please try and include any punctuation that is appropriate and try to format the lyrics into verses and chorus separated by blank lines. If there is a long verse or chorus in your lyrics please try to break them so that when displayed on the screen the words will be large enough to be easily read by the congregation.

Deadline to Submit your lyrics is Wednesday by 3pm.

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