Our Terrific Toddler’s & Two’s

In this program, we work on school readiness skills such as learning to take turns, sitting together in a circle or group, and getting along with others in our class. We emphasize concepts such as colors, shapes, and language development through the use of well-balanced curriculum.

Our Thrilling Three’s

We review colors, shapes and numbers in our 3-year old program. An emphasis is put on fine and gross motor skills, such as cutting and learning to write their names. We also introduce reading and math readiness skills through the use of well-balanced curriculum.



Our Fantastic Fours

In the 4-year program, we emphasize the letters of the alphabet along with their phonetic sounds and other pre-reading skills. We use the ZOO Phonics program. The children become involved in math skills through counting, graphing, sorting and conversation of numbers through the use of well-balanced curriculum. Our primary goal is to prepare our students for Kindergarten and instill a love for learning.

Our Keen Kindergarteners

In our Kindergarten program, we emphasize developing the whole child, spiritually, academically and physically. Our children learn through a well balanced, age and developmentally appropriate environment. The children will be able to take part in physical activities, learn Spanish, experience field trips and participate in mission programs.